A Very Belated Update

So… those weekly blog updates really worked out.   On that note, I'm going to post a summary of what's been going on over the past couple months:

Isometric Map Rendering with Text (August)

"But it's so much more impressive under the hood…" -- A mantra for the Software Engineer

This was accomplished with SDL2/OpenGL, running  on OS X, and using stb_truetype.h to render text.  Additional custom implementations for the Overview engine also include texture atlasing, a sprite/tile lookup table, tile mapping and an event loop; in short, the beginnings of a game engine.

The next step was to add map editing features via in-game UI.  This has been taking longer than I though to get up and running.  I'll go into the details in my next post.

The Day Job (Node.js, AWS, et al.)

September was spent mostly on finishing the alpha deliverable at my day job - specifically implementing a custom authentication scheme in Node.js using Restify (the client being an Angular web application.)  Also as the de-facto Operations Engineer at a small startup (until they hire a genuine Ops guy), September involved learning how to manage and deploy our product via Amazon Web Services.  

Finally, October's time involved delivering the beta at the same day job, plus some personal activity (i.e. a delayed but much needed honeymoon!)

As my day job's workload begins to lessen somewhat, I may finally have time to resume this side game project of mine in earnest.  More on that coming on this blog in November.