CppCon 2014

I'll be heading to CppCon 2014 shortly. I plan to write periodic reports on what I've learned over the next week.

The upcoming conference looks like the first comprehensive and inclusive conference focused on C++. I've attended the GDC, E3 and various hardware specific conferences, but never a language-focused one.

About two years ago I might have balked at the opportunity to attend such a conference. Throughout most of my career I'd worked on C++ engineering teams of varying sizes and experience levels. But a couple years ago I joined a small advertising firm as the sole C++ programmer among Ruby and Javascript/HTML5/CSS developers.

The web developers in particular seem to have boundless chances to attend conferences, especially given our location in the heart of San Francisco. Finding fellow C++ developers here can be difficult given the current mainstream of SF Tech business focuses more on web or mobile where other languages dominate (but not exclusively.)

So back in April I decided to do some research and discovered that a new, generalized C++ conference was taking registrations. Months later I'm excited to soon be in Bellvue attending the conference, and hope to learn much from fellow developers.

More to come...