Oregon Trail Boot

I’ve open sourced an Apple IIGS emulator I’ve been periodically working on for a while now. Enter The Clemens IIGS Emulator. Yes, another Apple IIGS emulator.

As one can see from the above GIF, the front-end of this emulator is tailored to development vs practical use. There are several major features missing as of this writing. These features are documented in the README.

I started this project as a kind of programmer’s catharsis (or midlife crisis depending on how you look at it.) In the 1980s my family bought a monochrome Apple //c for me and that’s the system on which I learned to write both BASIC and 6502 assembly on. So when the Apple IIGS was released with its improved color graphics and audio capabilities, I natually convinced my parents to purchase that.

I’d bought the techinical references for the IIGS, discovered the Toolbox, and eagerly started to learn 65816. Of course by the time I’d learned enough to write genuine IIGS software, the Apple II era was near its end.

In 2017 for various personal reasons, I bought an Apple IIGS system from Ebay. Amazingly the few 3.5" disks I’d found in my parents attic still worked. It was around this time my interest in these old systems was rekindled.

And so this emulator is one result. It still needs work. Hopefully I’ll find some time to build upon it now that it’s out there.